The human race has advanced enormously; we can now split the atom and walk on the moon, yet we still go to war and use bombs to make a point. We have become so-called ‘civilized’ but we still use guns and bullets to defend our truths and perspectives.

War continues to be an alternative unfortunately even for the so-called civilized nations of the world to make their points and to enforce their viewpoints and perspectives on the world. Global military expenditure keeps increasing every year while the most civilized and most progressive nations of the world are willing to kill to defend their perspective and standpoint on truth.

While the strong sense of justice that is inherent in some makes us highly sensitive, we grow up and often become desensitized adults who look at photographs and watch the cruelty of war and the starvation of children on social media and move on with our lives while historic facts and evidence against the value of war is mountain high.

The evidence also shows that harmonious coexistence and peace through dialogue can be the guiding light for a future where no conflict will be resolved through violence. Art in my view is one of the most effective tools for achieving this task. Dialogue can have various forms and the form that can best bypass cultures is art. Art is an instrument of expression. Art speaks an elevated language, a language that has no limits. Art can cross all frontiers and bring civilizations together if properly used. Art in all its forms, be it paintings, be it writing, or be it “photography” which literally means “drawing with light” drawn from the Greek words phōtós meaning “light”, and graphê meaning “drawing or writing”.